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Published on Tuesday, 23 July 2013 18:17
Written by Inferno Audio
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The #1 Aftermarket Vehicle Add-on

Why Choose us ?

If your looking for exact pricing, or if your buying for someone as a gift PLEASE e-mail us first so we can let you know if the vehicle in question can be done, or if there will be any additional costs. If purchasing a unit Online please also contact us first to make sure it will work. Thank you so much!!

We have been selling, installing, and servicing remote car start systems since they were first introduced in the market well over 15 years ago!

We go to training sessions very frequently to stay up do date with all new vehicle electrical systems.

We give two remotes instead of one for NO additional charge.

We make it so both your heat and air conditioning work for no additional cost.

We are not a "fly by night" and seasonal store, we will be here year round to assist you in ANY way possible.


We have a wide array of different options.. from single button remote, to factory remote add-on Even Smart Phone and Bluetooth !!

We have single button (start only) packages starting @ $150 (great if you have an older model car with no power locks, or vehicles with lock and unlock on the key)

Full Function remote starts that offer control of your power locks and trunk starting @ $190 (great option if you have power locks and do not want to carry 2 remotes)

Upgrades for Extended Range and 2 Way Confirmation!

We can add the option of a security system to ALMOST any car on any package for $100

We can add BLUETOOTH control to ALMOST any car, on any package for $150

We Can add Smart Phone (App control) to ALMOST any car, on any package for $190, plus a yearly service fee..


Click here to see the different systems

Remote Start FAQ


SOME NEWER VEHICLES NEED EXTRA PARTS, THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE THAT! So please, every car is different, Call, Txt, Chat, Facebook inbox, Skype, AIM, Google +, Snail Mail, or heck just come in and see us... there are always different deals and specials going on.. Just let us know what you need !

Thank You